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PEMU seeks to fight poverty and influence policies at all level that have an impact on poverty and can create the conditions for a more socially just Uganda. We carry out this work through a range of activities:-

Central to our approach is working alongside people experiencing poverty to have their voices heard.

Working with Communities

PEMU carries out a range of community engagement activities with deprived communities and individuals. The key aim of our work with communities is to ensure that we eradicate poverty and the voice of communities and individuals experiencing poverty are heard by policy makers and service providers and have an input into building a better Uganda.

We believe it is a fundamental right for people who are affected by poverty to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives, and that more open and transparent processes are central to creating a more participative democracy.
We primarily work with women and teenage mothers with experience of poverty. If you are interested in getting involved in our work with communities then please contact us.

Success Stories

Woman- Gimbo Mary (A widow of 6 children)

Having lost her husband to HIV/AIDS in 2010, Mary was left with a burden of rising up her 6 children. This was because now she had become the head of the family after her late husband’s family decided to reject her in the clan claiming she is the source of the disease that killed their son.

She decided to use the little money she had to start up a business of roasted maize which she used to sell in the village trading centre. It’s this little money that she used to support her family.
In 2015 during one of her selling days that our team that was carrying out a survey on the:
, came across her. She narrated her story and her story was brought to the concern of PEMU and we decided to register her under our “WINDOW OF HOPE” program which looks at helping the widows in our communities of operation.

With the help from our donors and partners Mary was able to get training in tailoring and was after given a tailing machine to start up her own business. This has increased her capital and she has been able support her family. The once “no hope” family has turned out to be a “sign of hope” in the community.

“I want to thank PEMU and all its partners for bringing hope to people like us who had no hope at all. I personally thought that I would never have a life again. Whenever I seat back and watch where I have come from with my 6 children I truly believe that God came to our rescue through PEMU.”- Gimbo Mary

Granny mother – Kafuko Federasi

“It was a normal Friday morning lying on my mat as usual due to the back pain I had been battling with for the last three and it has hindered me from walking without support. It’s was for this reason why my granddaughter had to drop out of school for I needed someone to watch over 24/7.

It was on this morning when I heard an announcement on radio of an NGO that was bringing a health camp in our community to provide us with free medication. So I decided to send my little granddaughter to go and inform anyone in charge and inform him/her that I would have loved to come for the medication but am constrained by my inability to walk.

To my surprise after like 30 minutes I saw a car drive into my compound and my granny daughter jumped out and a gentleman came following her.
The gentle man introduced himself as Brian who I later got to know that he was the Executive Director of PEMU the NGO that had brought the medical camp in our area. He helped me up, put me in his car and drove me to the camp site. I was checked by whites and letter given a number of tablets and also given a walking stick.

After being worked on Mr. Brian drove me back to my home. After two weeks I was able to walk again without any support. My granny daughter also resumed school on a scholarship from PEMU. My all life is now a better live because of the help of PEMU. May God bless the team of PEMU and all its partners.”

Youth- Isiko Martha

It was in April 2017 when Martha a youth of about 21 years by that time who had dropped out of secondary school due to early pregnancy. He approached our front desk at the head office and expressed her interest to join our skill development program called “A Skilled Girl Is an Empowered One” (ASGIAEO) which had from a friend who was already part of the program training in tailoring.

When she was asked which filled she desired to train in she requested for wielding. Through our partisanship with Imperial Metal Works Limited she was enrolled in August 2017 to join the three girls that were already training from there.
We as PEMU are now proud to announce Martha will be done with her training in August 2018 and will receive her certificate in wielding.

As our culture is of starting up businesses for our girls that go through our skill development program are soliciting for funds to set up a welding work shop for her and she starts training many more girls that will be sponsored by PEMU.

Girl-Nankwanga Sylvia

It was in 2015 during one of our GIRL POWER conference in which we address the reproductive health issues in girls both in schools and communities, when a woman senior teacher in St. Peters Wandago informed us of a girl who had left school the previous term due to the stigma of having experienced her first menstruation period in class.

After the conference we sent our team of 3 ladies who had to locate this girl at her parents’ home in Wandago. The team encouraged her to enroll to our counseling program that is always carried out on Wednesday at our head office in Magamaga.
Through this program, Sylvia was able to rebuild her confidence after understanding more on menstruation and also understood better her body as a girl child. She was able to return to school and she is currently in her senior one at St Jude secondary school. She is also the head of “My Body My Pride” campaign. Thanks to PEMU, many girls like Sylvia have stayed in school.

“Surely PEMU is the reason have come this far in my education. I had given up with Education at a very tender age of 13 years and was opting for marriage, I felt like it was better to be married and run away from the bulling that came along with my first experience of menstruation period which happened in class.”-Nankwanga Sylvia

This is one of the hundreds of testimonies that we get from the regular medical camps we have been organizing in Mayuge. Thanks to or donors and partners we have been able to organize 7 medical camps around Mayuge district and we have been able to reach out to over 35,000 people without counting the children.

Our Projects

Projects are a key way for PEMU to develop new ideas, demonstrate new approaches to poverty issues, and to actively involve our members and others in the development of the network.
All of the projects that we are involved in, whether leading or supporting, will contribute to helping us deliver on the key priorities in our strategic plan. If you have a project idea you would like us to be involved in then please get in touch.