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PEMU is a women and girl child initiative which was began as a dream by a young man at the age of 19 in 2012. Having been raised up by his grandmother, Ekibina Janet, from a small village called Misoli in Mayuge district - Uganda, who took him up at the age 3 years after his mother abandoned him. Kiirya Brain Waiswa developed a strong attachment to Women (THE MOTHERS OF A NATION).

The determination of his grandmother who was not only struggling with poverty but also all hindrances based on her gender to see that he is raised up into a strong man who would one day impact lives opened his eyes to see the hidden potential in every woman or girl in this world. However this potential can only be utilized when they are given an opportunity. It’s on this ground that Brian got a desire to start helping vulnerable women and girls when joined Makerere University.

Brian was sponsored by the government for all the 3 years at Makerere University Kampala, this sponsorship came with a monthly allowance, which he used to travel to the Villages in Mayuge district to sensitize the women and girls on their rights and also encourage them to stand for their rights.

Towards his second year at campus he was joined by two of his friends Eramwe Sam and Hilda Mubugumwa who started working with him. He always solicited for funds from fellow students which funds he used to buy scholastic materials for girls in Mayuge. It’s out of this simple desire that gave birth to PEMU in 2014 on a core goal of empowering WOMEN and GIRLS affected by poverty. PEMU was later registered as a non-government organization.


First and foremost; PEMU is a non-government organization registered with National Organization Board under Ministry of Internal Affairs under the registration Number S.5914/13417. The organization is operating in the Eastern region of Uganda in five districts, that is, Mayuge in Wairasa, Malongo Sub-County, Kamuli in Njeru town council, Jinja in Budondo and Mafubira Sub-Counties, Bugiri in Nankoma and Kapyanga Sub-counties and Iganga in Nakalama and Nambale Sub-Counties.

The headquarters are located in Magamaga Mayuge District and it is the co-ordinating office of all these branches. The formation of PEMU was due to the overwhelming problems that the founders were experiencing which continuously reminded them of their own background.
Throughout the past two years of its operation as a registered NGO, the organization has been facing challenges of the need to scale up with limited resources and also to adopt a multi-sectorial approach that caters for education, psycho-social support care and overall well-being of VWGCs and their care takers.
HIV/AIDS is a scourge affecting society as a whole. Hence the society as a whole must respond to its onslaught. This calls for an integrated approach, which works alongside the three dimensions above.

Therefore PEMU has decided to come up with a four year strategic plan of intervention that will guide the implementers to address the women and vulnerable girl children in an efficient and effective manner possible and in compliance with the National Strategic Programme Plan for Intervention (NSPPI) and other policies and programs in the country.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


A Uganda with healthy and empowered women and girls accessing quality and equitable health and care services at the same time seeing that their rights are respected in Uganda


To contribute towards raising the level, quality and equity of health and care services and advocate for the women and girls in Uganda through increasing access, advocacy, empowerment and working with other development actors.


Our four Objectives for the period 2017-2027 that guide our work:

  • →To work with women and teenage mothers and communities experiencing poverty to empower them to address poverty
  • →To work with organisations to build a strong anti-poverty network in Uganda.
  • →To support the development of policies which promote social justice and combat poverty.
  • →To raise awareness about poverty and encourage debate about solutions.

Membership & Board

PEMU’s founding body is chaired by Brian Kiirya Waiswa and deputized by Hilda Mubugumwa while patronized by Hon. Mukoda Julie Zabwe.
The Board of Directors include:-

  • Mr. Richard Naika Richard as the Chairperson
  • Hon. Naigaga Mariam as the Vice Chairperson
  • Ekibina Jane Waiswa as Grannies Representative
  • Hilder Mubugumya as Treasurer
  • Mr. Wabailewa Budhala as the Mobilizer to the Board and
  • Shanita Kawala Miriam as Member to the Board.

All the body members are volunteers and serve for 5 years.

Our Board Members

Mr. Brain Kiirya Waiswa

Mr. Brain Kiirya Waiswa

Founder & Executive Director
Hon. Naigaga Mariam

Hon. Naigaga Mariam

Vice Chairperson


The executive and day-to-day running of PEMU Uganda Secretariat

1 Mr. Brain Kiirya Waiswa Executive Director
2 Mrs. Hilder Mubugumya Accountant & Book Keeper
3 Mrs. Mutesi Asima Administrator
4 Mr. Ngobi Regan Development Worker
5 Mr. Nduku Paul Social Worker
6 Mr. Eramwe Sam Projects’ Officer
7 Mr.Teira John Legal Officer
8 Mr. Budhala Wabialewa Public Relations Officer
9 Mrs. Nakibuka Edith Human Resource Officer
10 Mrs. Harriet Volunteers’ Officer

Team of Technical Advisors (Volunteers)

1 Hon. Mukoda Julie Zabwe Growth & Development
2 Mr. Kalema Kadhumbula Chris Fundraising
3 Hon. Naigaga Mariam Resource Mobilization
4 Hon. Moses Balyeku International Development
5 Mr. Gabula Andrew Projects’ Advisor

Currently there are 385 registered women and vulnerable girl children (VWGCs) comprising directly and indirectly supported. 185 of these are directly supported with 200 yet to be supported.

The organization coverage since inception in 2014 was only limited in Wairasa Sub-county where it started supporting only 12 girls and 13 women. But since then, the coverage has been growing due to the support and contribution that the organization received from donor’s contribution such as Rape Hurts Foundation, URICT - Uganda, Office of the Women Member of Parliament – Mayuge District and support from the District of Mayuge